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Cento Rear Basket School

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Product details

For school-age cyclists seeking a practical yet stylish solution to carry their study materials and essentials, the Basil Cento basket is an excellent addition. This versatile bag includes a convenient slip to accommodate satchels or backpacks, making it both fashionable and functional. With its ergonomic shape, the Basil Cento offers a comfortable alternative for cyclists, rendering the arduous morning commutes a thing of the past. Embracing a capacious interior, the basket serves not only students but also a diverse range of individuals, catering to shopping and various needs, thereby making it an ideal choice for cyclists across different age groups.

Installing the Basil Cento basket requires attaching it to your luggage rack, necessitating additional mounting hardware. However, fret not about extra expenses, as this basket arrives complete with all the essential mounting components. The durability of this high-quality basket is beyond question, as its reinforced frame maintains its shape over time and effortlessly endures bumps and wear. Moreover, the robust design boasts waterproof features, particularly advantageous for those engaging in extended outdoor cycling. If you're a cyclist who demands an even more resilient storage option for your bicycle, our extensive collection offers various choices, ranging from lockable bags and attachable satchels to titanium baskets that epitomize outdoor endurance.

Introducing a contemporary approach to bicycle storage, the Basil Cento Basket is designed with a focus on fixed mounting, ensuring secure attachment to any luggage carrier.


  • Fits lengthways on The luggage Carrier of your bike.
  • Easily attached with supplied mounting hardware.
  • Ideal for carrying shopping, daily essentials or school supplies.
  • Weatherproof with a reinforced frame.
  • Classic black colour.
  • Weight 1.5KG Width 31cm Length 45cm Depth 21cm


  • Position on the bicycle: Rear
  • Installation on: Luggage carrier rack
  • Material: Steel
  • Content (Ltr): 0,0
  • Wire / Mesh: Mesh
  • Assembly: Basil Cento system
  • Mounting kit included: Yes
  • Removable: No
  • Handle: No
  • Anti-theft: No
  • Lid included: No
  • Suitable for dogs: No
  • Carrying capacity : Max. 10 kg.
  • Warranty: 2 years, by the shop from where you purchased the product