Fully Amp'd

Bolzzen Gladiator Gen2 1000W

$1,999.00 AUD $1,950.00 AUD Sale
Battery Size: 52V 18Ah
Battery Size: 52V 18Ah

Product details

You have never seen anything like this. The Bolzzen Gladiator is a complete and total game-changer. Built and designed to take the best from all product levels and combine them into the ultimate performance Electric Scooter for the Australian Market.

Powered by a dual motor, sine-wave controlled system with enough battery power to get you where ever you’re going, and back with power, predictability and comfort.

The Bolzzen Gladiator is equipped with either Dual 1200W or Dual 1000W motors, a 60V 21Ah or 52V 18Ah battery, front and rear Zoom Hydraulic Brakes, the most engineered Type-C Suspension in the market and a load capacity of 150kgs.

The Gladiator has been designed, engineered and tested to be the most comfortable performance Electric Scooter in the market for those riders who want performance without the price-tag.